What We Do


SHECASA will further its objectives by:

  • Providing opportunities for the exchange of information on health, safety and environment between SHE Professionals;

  • Disseminating and harnessing particular expertise, experience and knowledge on health, safety and environment between SHE professionals in national and international tertiary institutions;

  • Arranging congress/symposia/conferences and making comment on any aspect regarding the management of occupational health, safety and environmental risks that impacts on tertiary institutions;

  • Promoting and sharing opportunities for the development and training of members and their respective staff;

  • Investigating and negotiating benefits with regards to SHE products and services;

  • Providing representation at educational authorities and government bodies, specifically the Department of Education and Department of Labour, for SHE Professionals working in tertiary institutions and regular liaison with national university management forums and structures;

  • Liaising and establishing affiliations, where possible, with national and international associations and organisations with similar objectives.